Ready to feel absolutely fabulous in your body?

No more rules or restrictions

Just radical self-acceptance & a lifetime of health & wellness!

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Listen, we both know you’re a ROCKSTAR…

Smart. Successful. And Generous.

Ask anyone who knows you and they’d say, “Yeah, I don’t know how she does it.” You consistently show up and stretch 24 hours just enough to squeeze in everything for everyone.

 But…if you’re being totally honest?

You don’t feel like a rockstar.



For all sorts of good reasons, you've put others before yourself. But now you're feeling burnt out and out of shape.


And the thing is, you’re past believing in the so-called magic pill. Ugh.


You’re a smart cookie and aren’t hooked by the “lose 7lbs in 7 days” headlines anymore. You’re done with yo-yo dieting and ready for an approach that’s sustainable and enjoyable. 


You’ve tried gym memberships & trainers

And the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed in group training sessions, or left practically crippled by some young thing who doesn’t take the time to understand YOU and YOUR body. 

You love life too much to sacrifice what brings you joy

Sure, you want to feel better in your clothes, have more energy, and stop chugging lattes in the afternoons…but you’re NOT going to give up the foods you love.


Been there. Done that.


"Sonja’s a gifted intuitive and whether spiritually, mentally or physically in a rut, she knew it and got me back on track to feeling good. Her dedication and support kept me accountable to myself and proud of the results I was creating.  By midpoint into the program I was thinking even bigger than I could have even  imagined- I was researching half marathons!"

~ Myrna Brown



Hands up if you’ve already got a small library’s worth of “Health and Fitness” books and binders?  

Keep ’em up if they’re sitting next to a box set of exercise DVD’s you keep meaning  to take outta the plastic…

No judgment here.

Listen, you’re one smart cookie.

You probably already know what to do.

It’s just that you’re not doing it.

Which is even more frustrating.


You DO need a better SYSTEM

A system that:

  • Starts with a deep understanding of YOU

  •    Gives you a plan that nourishes ALL of you–mind, body and spirit

  •     Supports you every step of the way

Why can’t you have it your way?

You know, eat well and exercise without feeling exhausted or restricted.


Maintain your weight and STILL enjoy dinners out with the girls.


Travel without stressing about “getting off track.”

Nothing extreme, no buzzwords, no bullshit.


Just a mind and body that feel good daily.


I wish I'd found Sonja sooner.


I’ve struggled with my weight for 15 yrs. I tried many different diets that promised quick weight loss, but I always gained it back and then some. Then I found Sonja. She helped me to realize that being healthy and fit wasn’t about a quick fix. It was a lifestyle. With Sonja’s guidance I'm now kinder to myself, and I’ve managed to lose 50 lbs and keep it off. I only have one body and learning to take care of it in a positive way has been a life changing experience.


~ Natalie Farr Murphy


The last health & lifestyle program you’ll need. Ever.

Give me 6 months and together we’ll skyrocket your energy, and get you feeling better than you ever imagined.

Get ready for stunning shifts in your body, mind, and spirit. 

Plus, you get a tailored-to-you system that will support a lifetime of health and wellness.

It’s yours. It’s sustainable. It’s forever.

Just Imagine...

Waking up feeling rested and ready to meet the day (no more pain in your lower back or shoulders)…

…doing an energizing workout by day and still having a glass of pinot noir by night without feeling guilty…

…feeling confident in your skin, looking into your closet and being excited to wear your clothes again…

sonJa keeps it real and gets her clients real results.

“Sonja is an absolute breath of fresh air when it comes to health, fitness, and life in general. If you need wellness support, you feel stuck, and you want someone with a bit of a sassy fiesty edge, a rebel soul, Sonja is the one to talk to. She keeps it real, not complicated, just effective.    ”

~Adrienne Furrie


Living healthy doesn’t have to

be so hard


(And it’s NOT just for the green-smoothie guzzling Genetically Gifted.)

Stop treating health and fitness like that pair of skinny jeans hanging in the back of your closet.

Like it’s something you’ve just got to squeeze yourself into…

…not because it feels good…but because you’ll feel bad if you don’t.

Wanna know the secret to creating a healthy lifestyle ?

Make it simple. Make it satisfying.

Not exactly sexy, I know…


If you want to feel like the rockstar everyone else says you are, then you’ve got to nourish ALL of you–

not just the parts you’re dyin’ to fit into that backless dress….



What makes Body & Mind Redefined different?


You’re more than your dress size.


So to flourish, you need a plan that nourishes ALL of you.

We’ll get you going and glowing with step-by-step strategies that cover:



We’ll find simple meals that are satisfying & nutritious for you that don’t require hours in the kitchen.



We’ll have you moving in a way that feels good to you. No fancy equipment required!



We’ll look at your sleep and thought patterns, energy levels, and how you cope with stress.

For freedom lovers who want…


Trying to guess your way to health and wellness is HARD. But when you intuitively understand what your body needs to thrive, everything gets a whole lot EASIER. And a heck of a lot more enjoyable.


Food is so much more than what you put in your mouth. It’s your Grandmother’s homemade turkey soup.  It’s good wine with good friends. Food is nourishment for the mind AND body.


Working out doesn’t have to be work. When you move your body in a way that feels good to YOU, fitness stops being something you “have to do” and starts being something you want to do.

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To DO even more. Feel like you’ve been hiding? Playing small because you just don’t “feel like yourself’? This program will give you the exact self-care strategies you need to help you get your groove back. 


Change, no matter how positive, can stir up resistance. That’s why Olympic athletes have coaches. I prefer to think of myself as the “Encouragement Queen.” But I’m not afraid to lay down the law & keep you in line. 


It’s not rocket science: movement in your body equals momentum in your life. And I’m not just talking about your sexy new swagger. I’m talking about a ripple effect affecting every aspect of your life.

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You Are One of a Kind

And your body’s as unique as YOU are.

But here’s what hyped-up, out-of-the-box programs don’t tell you:

There is no perfect way to coach a woman - there’s only the perfect way to coach you.

That’s what makes Body & Mind Redefined so POWERFUL…

You get a program 100% customized to YOU.


You get personal 1:1 support from a coach who KNOWS YOU.


It’s like the difference between buying a dress off the rack and

having one tailored to your exact measurements.

I went from surviving to thriving!

"Together, we tackled it all: health, sleep, fitness, balancing work demands, setting boundaries and having more fun. 

In Sonja, I found the holistic wellness support I was looking for (and needed!).  Expertise, wisdom and guidance come together with a no-nonsense approach and a cracking sense of humour."

~ Maureen Nicholson

If you’ve ever said,

“I just wish someone would SHOW me what to do”…


So that you didn’t have to waste another precious second waffling over what to eat,

or wondering which plan is going to get you from wish-I-were-healthier to never-thought-I-could-feel-so-goooood.


Yeah, I’ve been there!

Hey! I'm Sonja, a health and wellness coach. And my specialty is helping women feel vibrant and energized inside AND out...

...Without enduring another eat this, don't eat that program...

...Or suffering through workouts designed for ninjas...


Free-thinkers who already know:

physical movement + healthy lifestyle = TRANSFORMATION

I wasn’t always like this, by the way! Far from it. Really far.

In my early 20’s I was overweight and miserable.

Mainly because it seemed like no matter what I did to “get healthy” nothing worked.

I spent years jumping from one “health and fitness” bandwagon to the next,

liking myself a little less every time I failed.

Then one day I stumbled across this quote:

“If I asked you to name all the things that you love,

how long would it take for you to name yourself?”

That really hit me hard.

I’d spent most of my young adult life hating myself.

And treating my own body like it was my enemy.

So, I made the best decision of my life:

I simply chose to stop living that way.

I changed what I ate.

I changed the way I thought.

And, remarkably, as soon as I stopped “following the trends”…

I went from a size 14 to a size 4.


I started feeling better than I ever imagined I could. And DOING more than I’d ever imagined.

It’s been 18 years since that journey began, and I’ve never looked back. Not once.

This is what I wish for you too.

Because I know what it’s like to feel like you’re not “Yourself’…

Radical transformation

in just 3 simple steps

Together, we’ll lay out a clear plan and path for you to become a new version of yourself.

You'll BE a confident, healthy, and energized woman. 

And give you a system to keep yourself going!



You and I hop on a call, so I can learn about you and your goals. This is a deep dive into everything YOU, including self limiting beliefs, your history, and your future vision.

We’ll uncover what’s worked for you in the past, what hasn’t worked, and what will work moving forward.



We create a customized plan for each of these areas: mindset, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. We start where you are and go from there.

We’ll figure out exactly what you need to get started. And make small adjustments as you move through the program.



We check in weekly via phone. These 60 minute coaching calls let us dive into your life in REAL time, so we can trouble shoot and find solutions.

Plus, you'll be checking in with me via text throughout the week to help you stay motivated and accountable to keep moving forward.



A month from now

you’ll be celebrating

how good you look and feel

Over a glass of your favourite wine?




Don’t mind if you do.

Because you don’t sweat the "small stuff" anymore.

You know how to live a consistent, balanced, and healthy lifestyle.

True success isn’t really about dress size or numbers on a scale.

It’s about feeling good in your own skin and having the confidence to live full-on in this world.


Body & Mind Redefined is more than a health and fitness program.


It’s a lifestyle shift.

The “right” time to start taking care of yourself is TODAY.

Sure, you could wait 3 months, or 3 years from now, or “when you have more time.”

And hope that things magically get better.


Or, you could get out your glitter gun, say “bye-bye” to mainstream fads, yo-yo-dieting, and feeling guilty for being a rebel woman who’s not afraid to–GASP–indulge.

And set yourself free once and for all.

What would your life look and feel like if a strong body and healthy living was your new normal?

The choice is 100% yours.

Ready to become a  

new version of yourself?


With #BodyMindRedefined you’ll be creating a new you from Day 1.

A quick heads up though:

Spots are limited to ensure my clients get the attention they need.

So, if you’re excited and ready to jump in, then jump in NOW.

“i've changed lifelong negative patterns”


"Sonja has held my hand every step of the way as I have made 36 positive changes in my life and counting!


She’s also been there on the difficult days. She’s never given up on me, always encouraged me, and helped me to create a healthy body, mind, and spirit.


~ Anna Bortolus



Create a healthy lifestyle that feels like FREEDOM and not restriction!

Get started NOW.

Schedule your Body Confidence Breakthrough call TODAY

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